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People are asking about Fallen London? GOOOOOD. Oh, Friends and Fellow-Citizens, I am SO PLEASED.
As I said before:
Fallen London! It is kind of an endless Choose-Your-Own-Adventure thing! If you like 19thC lit, and Uncanny things,there is a VERY GOOD chance you will like it.

The World: London is in hell. Also, the Industrial/Victorian/Age. It’s not as bad as some might expect, but it’s worse than many DO suspect.

Gameplay: Text-based; there are opportunity cards and storylets, with options to choose. SO MANY OPTIONS. Many will kill you, drive you to Grand Epic Madness, or put you in prison, but none will end the game. Hey, I’ve died twice! It DOES put a crimp in social affairs, but only in a temporary way.

Character creation— you pick a name and go! You can also choose a gender, if you want, or not, if you don’t. In any case, you’re probably human, maybe!  Almost definitely! So that’s nice.

I can’t give much advice for the starting levels— I’m a resident in my 11th year (well not QUITE, but I have been there a long time) and the game’s changed a lot while I’ve been there, and I took almost all last year off to…well, build a recruiting base, it’s beginning to seem. Anyway it’s a very different city for a Person of Some Importance (…you’ll see) than a new prison escapee (and we’ve all been THERE).

There are so MANY options. Join us. Delicious Friend.

Any other Fallen London players?


Feel free to add me in the game (same as the tumblr username) - I’ve been playing for a while, but I’ve mostly been playing on my own and haven’t really fiddled around with the friend options and I’m interested in trying them out! 


new location. looks terrifying 

Fallen London


One city. A thousand choices. Discover a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld where all your actions have consequences.

And did I mention it’s free?

Welcome. Delicious friend.